Our vans are all 2012 or newer and are continually inspected and maintained for the highest degree, essentially eliminating potential delays for mechanical issues.They meet the most relevant and stringent environmental protection, human health and safety, and other legislative requirements and regulations for both national and European Union standards.Our vans  are equipped with GPS and mobile phone devices.Currently, we have ten van sprinters (5 x 8 pallets tilt, 4 x 5 pallets box, and 1 x 1 pallet box). Please check below for detailed information about our vehicles:


Dimensions4,25 x 2,05 x 2,30 mDimensions1,57 x 1,22 x 1,12 m
TypeOpel MovanoTypeFord Connect
Capacity8 PalletsCapacity1 Pallet
Dimensions4,30 x 2,10 x 2,30 mDimensions3,60 x 1,70 x 1,80 m
TypeOpel MovanoTypeRenault Masters
Capacity8 PalletsCapacity5 Pallets
Dimensions4,20 x 2,10 x 2,20 mDimensions3,60 x 1,70 x 2,15 m
TypeFiat DucatoTypeCitroen Jumper
Capacity8 PalletsCapacity5 Pallets
Dimensions4,50 x 2,10 x 2,20mDimensions4,0 x 1,70 x 1,75m
TypeRenault MastersTypeCitroen Jumper
Capacity8 PalletsCapacity5 Pallets
Dimensions4,20 x 2,10 x 2,20 mDimensions4,07 x 1,80 x 2,15 m
TypePeugeot BoxerTypeCitroen Jumper
Capacity8 PalletsCapacity5 Pallets